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Bodrogközi culture


„Do not think about what the country does for you,
think about what you can do for the country”


  Founding member and working body of the Bodrogközi Development Partnership

Country-and Region development enhancing Fund

In short form: VITEA Fund



images/stories/vitea_logo.png Our fund started functioning in 1998 in the Northern part of Hungary. From year 2000 it is working on fifferent developments nd innovations in Hungary and abroad as an organisation of public utility.
Its registered seat is in the Bodrogköz, in the famous settlement of Karos.

The fund also has another, county office in Miskolc from the very beginning, as it has better county and regional opportunities.



The fund believes in the importance of the complete development of the border region, as developments in both countries have suffered from the small amount of money they got for developments compared to other regions.



The fund works together with many civil organisations, and is in daily connection with several municipalities.

It was the fund that first imagined the international Bodrogközi Development Partnership.

Since the creation of our fund of public utility, the organisation is giving different advices, it is looking for different calls for proposals, develops projects and programs, does different technical plannings, and also controls and manages projects under implementation. It is also capable for educating adults.

Our collegues are working together for years now as a strong group, resulting the team spirit and cooperative thinking, that is essential for registering and realizing different development ideas.

There are professionals from different economic fields of economy in our team, which is inevitable for quality work.

With the start of the Széchenyi plan in 2000 we primarily helped SME-s to implement their developments, mainly in project planning and writing, and in management tasks.

As a result of our actions, we have earned two billion forints only in the region for our projects in spheres of enterprises and municipalities.

 Among these, there were many smaller and bigger projects.

Several projects have been made that enhanced the chances and job creating activity of micro and small enterprises .


Some of our projects:

 Constructing an inn and getting several wine processing machines in Tokaj-Hegyaélja for producing reductive wine.

Purchasing trucks for transportation companies, building a dairy farm, forming a fishing lake, renovating a granary and the old riding arena within the frames of a new field investment, constructing a paper factory, enhancing village and ecotourism on the riverbanks of Bodrog.


During this project, we got the idea of expanding our activities over the borders, too, such as for Slovak municipalities and try to think about common developments. At the beginning of 2004 the fund has taken a big step by appearing on an international stage. It started to organize an international partnership, thus creating the Bodrogközi Development Partnership with the participation of 14 Hungarian and Slovak municipalities.


 The activities of the fund and the partnership have become inseparable, so in the following we will only mention the international roles of the Partnership that is continuously extended with the participation of different countries and settlements.


 In 2002, when the number of tenders focusing on enterpreneurs declined, we aimed to help municipalities. Knowing this field quite well from previous experiences, we started working with more and more municipalities, and we also continued development works and giving advices.


  As it can be seen in our introduction, the activities of the fund are very colourful, and our aim is to create something ever-lasting that can contribute to development not only in the periphery regions, but also countries and Europe.