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Bodrogközi culture

Tiszakarád Municipality

The largest village of Bodrogköz, with 2,711 people. One of the highest unemployment rates, 85%, between Bodrogköz settlements.

The first known holders of the Agárd were Miklós Perényi and György Nagytárkányi, the census of 1598 was also the property of the Rákóczi family, and in the 17th century the largest part of the Sennyeye, then Ferenc Dőry, became a baron of the 20th century, József Mailat also owned a very extensive farm. It was called Karad until 1904.


The settlement is struggling to survive, as there are many problems with the employment of a large number of unemployed people.

The main source of livelihood for the local population is the Tisza.

River-built tourism developments, breakpoints that are feasible.

In this direction, the leadership of the village has moved in the direction, there are more and more cultural events that attract more and more strangers with their continuous maintenance.


It has become a celebration, the racing competition that is organized within the rider days.

Tombstones and tombstones, between Tiszakarád and Tiszabercel, on the other side of the river, are now in Szabolcs, with a village.

There is a community house, a dance ensemble, and a sports club.

Tradition-guarding crafts, weaving, basketball, turtleneck, are young followers.

Attractions: the floodplain of the Tisza, the Calvinist church.