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Bodrogközi culture

Tiszacsermely Municipality

There are 703 people in the population, 120 unemployed,

It lies in the eastern part of Bodrogköz and in the eastern part of the county on the banks of the Tisza River.

The main canal of Tiszakarád is near.

It is well-accessible, second-line main road leads through the settlement.

The nearest Sátoraljaújhely can only be reached via Bodroghalm.

The village was built in 1948 on the edge of Cigánd, Csermely, Harkóitanyák, Józseftanya, Kishalászi farms, Kökényestanya, Nyúlvár, Szentmária and Újrakodó.

He was temporarily called Joseph Joseph, and soon picked up the name Tiszacsermely.

The settlement is traditionally agricultural.

In the 1960s, arable production was carried out, but there was also a significant proportion of forests.

There is no tourist attraction, however, the proximity of the river Tisza can give a lot of tourist development ideas to those who want to invest in this area. both local people who are still working on basketball art and various old crafts.

His community house was renewed some years ago by local residents, under the direction of the local government. There is a directory in the object. They also offer entertainment for the elderly and younger people. The building and its area next to the Cigándi road has been a spectacle of the wall since its renovation.

Tisakarad and Cigánd are the immediate neighbors.