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Bodrogközi culture



5 years constituted international Bodrogközi Development Partnership , Slovak and Hungarian governments in the region, as well as a non-profit NGO created Vitek. 

In 2006, the Partnership declared a Bodrogköziek Bodrogközért the" international movement , which aims at pushing up the stagnant state of the current local population and to start thinking about them, they turned the plan implementation.

In connection with the development of different projects involve organizations outside the Partnership is, for example, was such. Ride your bike trail.

The partnership was realized under the auspices of the international gastronomic events held in 2005   Alsóberecki.

The following year, 2006, the road project and the related "UNION DURING BODROG the" execution ceremony happened participation in the Partnership. 

The event, designed around 1500 people was conducted in entertainment and high quality.

The Partnership Foundation and our activities will greatly contribute to the culture and history Bodrogközi raising awareness and dissemination.

We build partnerships, organizations in other regions.

Common organize vocational paths as pl.2006 at a time when the press is a professional boat ride we invited and we got the Bodrog river on a beautiful stage where no passenger ship used to walk all the way to Ondova - Latorca rivers meet. It crawled with tourism development opportunities on the river bank.

The Partnership organized the first Bodrogközi indoor soccer and table tennis championships.

The countries and the EU in an unprecedented collaboration , has been created to members helping each other along and within the Partnership separately - to work out separately, the target area prepare a variety of development projects, joint projects, conduct joint lobbying and different tendering opportunities, respectively. otherwise obtain money supply, to rise and implementation of projects in the region Bodrogközi.        

The Partnership in recent times, the Bodrogköz has become a driving force who put pressure on other governments is not included in the partnership deed.


"The candle does not lose anything from the light, 

with flared when another candle flame.! "