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Bodrogközi culture

Obec Viničky / Szőlőske Municipality /

From Ladmoc to the Bodrog bridge, turn right to the picturesque Vineyard.

It was named after its vineyards and known as the Vineyard, and it was not accidentally part of the historic wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

His first written mention was in the time of King Stephen I, when he inaugurated Beke's courtship in 1029 and donated part of the land of the courtesans. In the later centuries, many famous family holders turned to the settlement, which today has traces.

Ferenc Pányi, István Rátkai, Miklós Tárczai, István Báthory, Baron Sennyey, Mihály Szentiványi, Almássy family and then Andrássy family came to the XIX. century.

Count Gyula Andrássy's family, besides the vineyards, has large cellars,

and his chariots and chariots in the village.

According to the writings from 1772, Vineyard has good quality, clean water and asphalt vineyards.

Its best areas can be found in the Pósa, Pipó mountains and Diócska hill.

The majority of the population sought their bread for agricultural work, wine making, fishing, basketball and haulage.

The believers of the Reformed Church, but also more, but more, followed by Roman and Greek Catholics.

In 1952 Vocational Secondary Vocational School was established, students were taught in viticulture, fruit growing, breeding and seed production, in the complex still in operation.

The area includes a spa and resort popular in the old days, a place with a HATFA counterpart.

It is worth mentioning Sulymosto, which is a popular hunting area and fishing opportunity for the tourists.

In spite of high unemployment, there are several private entrepreneurs in the village that operate in the service industry, central and plumbing, glazing, upholstery, fireworks, agricultural machine parts and small machinery sales, butcher, ABC shop, a drink shop and a high quality press.