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Bodrogközi culture

Obec Malý Kamenec / Kiskövesd Municipality /

The small settlement, located on the direct border line, runs through traffic from the Pácini border crossing point towards Bodrogszedahely.

After leaving Nagykövesd, about 3 km from Kiskövesd.

Already in the 1283s, they kept their names in written documents.

In the past, it is mentioned as a part of the Nagykövesd Castle.

In 1358 the locals of Szerdahelyiek. At that time, his name was used as Kuezd.

There are two old, gentlemen decorating the village. The former Reformed church was built in 1730, the newer in 1903.

Leaving the village on the way to Szerdahely, you can find the famous wine cellars in the old stone quarry, where fun with good wine offers pleasant relaxation for visitors.

The village preserves its folk traditions, which are presented as a permanent exhibition in the rich country house.

Nagykövesd and Kiskövesd, Tarbucka volcano mountain, which is also the highest point of Bodrogköz,

277 m above sea level.

Valuable protected plants can be found in this area, the Zimmermanov kosatec, and its precious fauna make it interesting.

It is a typical agricultural and vineyard village.

In the village, rural tourism develops its wings.