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Bodrogközi culture

Obec Černochov, /Csarnaho Municipality /

 Our village lies on the side of Zemplén Mountains. It belongs to one of the least villages.

His first written record is from 1298. 214 inhabitants.

For centuries it has been famous for its wine and the making of wine, its many enthusiasts and consumers.

Shepherds like other landowners of the other surrounding villages.

In the fifteenth century the Rozgonyiek, in the 16th century belonged to the Pálóczi, then to the Order of St. Clare Order of Sarospatak and the Perényiék.

The 1663-year-old black-eyed in the village's story, as it plagued the plague, the inhabitants of the village.

In the 19th century, he became the owner of a new land and a member of the Count Wallis family.

Following the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian monarch, Csarnava belonged to the Czechoslovak Republic.

At this time the population dealt with land cultivation, winemaking and fruit production.

According to the Viennese decision, on 1938.02.02 the village was annexed to Hungary, namely to Sátoraljaújhely and its district.

The church was not damaged, built in 1793 and retaining its classical style.

The economic and social life of the village began to develop more dynamically in the 1950s.

The symbols of the village were the flag and the coat of arms dedicated in August 1998 at the 700th anniversary of the village prayer.

At present there is a library and culture house in our village.

The volunteer firefighter works in the village.

The charm of our commune is the neo-classical Reformed church from the 18th century. The earliest church data is from 1600. The building was devoted on July 8, 1793, which is not only evidenced by the written sources but also the contemporary inscription embedded in the facade of today's church.

The tower was built only during the renovation of 1876. Today's appearance was born.

We believe that our small farm-vine-growing village will be accompanied by a happy life of citizenship and a constant upsurge of future generations in the coming period.

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