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Obec Bara  /Bári Municipality/

Bari was founded by the unification of two settlements Kisbári and Nagybári in 1960-b. Kisbári is an ancient and richer historical settlement.

Beginning at the beginning of the 13th century, Terra de Bari (Bary) appeared as a family ancestral nest with similar names.

In the 14th century there were several real Hungarian noble family birotka called the Churchesbari.

In 1414, except for a part of Kisbár's border, Nagybár was founded. In the village there were Greeks, Roman Catholics, and Jesuits. Only during the XVII. In the middle of the century, they converted to the Reformed faith. In Kisbári there was a school in 1524 before the Mohács War.

During the 1663th plague epidemic, the entire village was extinct. It was re-installed.

ARC. During the reign of Béla, Italian vintners were planted here, planting vines on the bari hills. At the time of the reign of Lipótus I, wine Makziodari Hiacin, Bishop of Csanád, was also highly praised and drank regularly to a medical regulation.

By 1920 Kisbári and Nagybári Zemplén county belonged to Sátoraljaújhely district, then became part of Czechoslovakia, and later belonged to Hungary between 1938 and 1945.

Today, it is located in Slovakia.

Historical places of interest

The Gothic church in Gárdony is registered as a monument. It was originally built in Romanian style. There is a paddle of Mihály Báry, with a biblical quotation in Hungarian.

The Castle of Kisbár was built in the 18th century. It was built in the second half of the century as a renaissance mansion. It is neglected today.

The Calvinist church in Nagybári was built in 1801.

The cultural organization of the Slovakian Hungarians, the CSEMADOK and the Red Cross is active in our area.

The village has its own business. It owns 19 ha of vineyards and 18 hectares of forest.

Acceptable businesses in the village are TOKAJ CO and AGROREAL companies.

In addition, we operate in our area under the guidance of Miklós Vereha, BARAVIN, NAFT-SM GASTRO SLOVAKIA, DREVO SK and other unknown entrepreneurial companies, which, by ignoring the laws, ignore the village causing enormous damage.

Bari - Bara

Contact: 056 6792 243

Number of residents: 336