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Creating a Development Fund


Aims of creation and operation of the Bodrogközi Funds

„Find simplicity in chaos,
harmony in discord,
opportunity is always there in difficulties”
Albert Einstein


The Bodrogközi Development Partnership has reached a level, where it is needed to have  Tender Funds that is capable of supporting the development of the region.


Through these funds, money transferred to the given account can be handled, just like the interests of different money investments.

The aim of creating the funds


The implementation of the previously worked out development plan of the Partnership.


Enhance and try out new approaches of the regional development, while formulating directions and plans for the future.

Doing activities following a complex plan with which we can reach our goals.


Developing handicrafts industry and a possibility to trade with eco products originated from agriculture for the local residents, while focusing on the preservation of geographical, cultural and historical values. The commonly determined regional developments enhance the regional employment and improves the economic competitiveness of the region, what will result in more and more touristic opportunities. With these common developments we create a base for developments of citizens and civil organisations.

Our goal is to encourage the creation of trading services, that can help the economic rise of Zemplén and Bodrogköz regions.