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Bodrogközi EGTC

Our cooperation of the Bodrogköz is one of the oldest cross-border cooperations, as the Hungarian and the Slovakian municipalities are working together since 2004 under the Bodrogközi Development Partnership, and they have implemented many different projects together with the help of VITEA Foundation.


As a result of this unique cooperation of the Union an international road was built and a bridge was renovated bertween Karos and Bodrogszerdahely in 2006, so families and friends over the border could re-unite again.

Under the Partnership we have implemented many Union events with which we have strengthened the Hungarian identity in people, different friendships have been created and cooperations were born between the citizens.

One of our outstanding projects is a 1-year Union project during which we could further strengthen and develop cooperation between the civil and enterpreneur sphere.  


A new period has started for the Partnership ont he 11th of April, 2012, when the Bodrogközi EGTC was officially registered.

The EGTC has immediately started its activity after the registration and continued itsalready started work, as the help of KIM has created a possibility to make the EGTC more popular, so a growing number of citizendűs will get to know about our existence.

During this time, we have arranged 3 events showing the activities of our EGTC, and also the recent activities of the Partnership. In May, our events, called „EGTC days int he Bodrogköz” have been very successful, many local and regional citizens have been visitors in Bodrogszerdahely, Kisgéres and Alsóberecki. At the end of May the Partnership has visited Mórahalom, where we got many information about the touristic developments in town, we could participate in an EGTC conference, where we could develop new relationships and gained experiences.


This experience has been really important in many ways, because it has strengthened the beliefs of the members int he developments, and we could also increase the team spirit. The Bodrogközi EGTC has great plans connected to the needs of the citizens and governmental intentions, what we would like to realize in the near future.


As our motto says „Through our past towards our common future” we hope that we will reach a level, where we are no longer only looking at our common past, but we can llok at out common future.



Yours, sincerely

Szabóné Kémeri Klára