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Bodrogközi culture



The international Bodrogközi Development Partnership was created 5 years ago by Slovak and Hungarian municipalities of the region and the VITEA Fund of public utility.


In 2006 the Partnership started the „People of Bodrogköz for Bodrogköz” iternational movement with the aim of shaking the local inhabitants up to start their thinking, and making them join the implementation of our plan.


For our different projects, we include mand organisations outside the partnership, for example for the bike route.

Under the Partnership, an international cooking competition took place in 2005 in Alsóberecki.

In the following year, 2006 the handover ceremony of the „Union in the Bodrogköz” international public road investment took place with the participation of the Partnership.

At the event, we have planned and realized the pleasure for 1500 guests with igh standards.

With our Partnership and fund activities we contribute to getting te Bodrogközi culture more known and widespread.

We build partnerships with organizations in other regions.

We are organizing professional trips, such as in 2006 when we took press representatives on a ship cruise and reached such parts of the Bodrog, where ships normally are not allowed to go, the meeting point of the Ondova and Latorca rivers. With this trip we could show the press the possible touristic developments.

The partnership also organized the first inside football and table tennis championship of the Bodrogköz.

This unique cooperation was formed so its members helping each other, together or independently in the Partnership, will prepare different development plans, work on different projects, implement lobby activities and get resources from different proposals or in other ways for the rise of the Bodrogköz region and implementation of our projects.    


The Partnership has become a leading force in the Bodrogköz, and is motivating other municipalities outside the Partnership, also.


„A candle looses nothing from its light
by inflaming another one!”