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Bodrogközi culture

The territory

Territorial borders

The Upper Hungarian part of our target area is situated in one of the most backward regions of the country, in the South-Zempléni Statistic Region, in Kassa county, Bodrogközi subregion, Tarbucka micro region in the Hungarian border region. Its Hungarian territory is among the four most backward territories of Hungary, in Northern Hungary, North-Eastern part of Borsod-Abaúj Zempln county, in the Bodrogköz.

Almost all settlements of the Partnership are neighbours of each other. These settlements can be found quite far from each other and have a small number of inhabitants. They are situated between the two rivers, Bodrog and Tisza. Due to the two rvers, Bodrogköz became a real island, and because of this, it can be approached in difficult ways.

Since the Balsai bridge was destroyed by Germans during the second World War that enabled the inhabitants to keep the local development on a certain level, all gates have been closed. Now Bodrogköz can be only reached from the direction of Sátoraljaújhely and Sárospatak through the Tisza bridge in Cigánd.

Opening the borders in 2007 will bring great opportunities, as most of the settlements have physical connections with the neighbouring Slovak settlements. Geographically it consists of two landscapes, in the East it is the Bodrog zug and its wild environmant, while at the meeting point of the Bodrog and Tisza rivers, there is the town of Tokaj.

The other area is the territory of the Northern Bodrogköz, closer to Sárospatak and Sátoraljaújhely and also some banks of the Tisza signing the borders of Szabolcs county are the territories where our settlements can be found.


Connections are existing with the Slovak Bodrogköz, including many settlements. 9 of our villages are situated very close to one of the rivers, which could mean development facilities for them.